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Modi at US Capitol / GST Amendment Bill Passed at Rajyasabha

Congress and BJP Has Become Unified as GST (Goods and Services Tax) Amendment Bill Passed in Rajyasabha

Sachin Hopeful, Modi Congratulating:-
“One nation one tax, making GST a reality is just a matter of time! Look forward to GST delivering the benefits.” – Sachin Tendulkar

“On this truly historic occasion of the passage of the GST Bill in the Rajya Sabha , I thank the leaders and members of all parties.”- Narendra Modi

Bonhomie between the Government and the Oppositions:-
India has seen  the rare of the rarest moment in the parliament when both the government and the opposition gave their consent unanimously on the long debated GST Amendment Bill in the Rajyasabha. There were 203 members present at the Rajyasabha. AIADMK left the House to show their dissent on the Bill. All of the voted in favour of the Bill, 2014. Thus proves the patriotism in them. This is the biggest tax reform that has taken place since the Independence.
GST, an Unifor Tax System:-
It refers to unified national tax leaving any other levies either by the country or the state.
It was
The 122nd Constitutional Amendment
203 members
Walk out
Tax Rate Proposal from the Congress
Within 18%

BJP passed a whip to be present at the Upper House on 3rd August in 2016 to vote for the GST Bill.
Chidambaram and Jaitley

Six Amendments Brought Congress on Board:-
Congress and other oppositions have given their consent after the Government brought some amendments in the Bill. 1% additional tax has been scrapped. There will be a clear provision for compensation for the states during first five years.

Chidambaram Wants it as a Financial Bill for the Sake Empowerment of Both the Houses:-
“I want an assurance from the Finance Minister that when the GST Bill is brought, it will bring as a financial bill and not as a money bill. This is far too transformational and important legislation that one House of Parliament should just speak on it and the other will vote. We want that both Houses should debate and vote on it,” former finance minister from Congress P Chidambaram said.

AIADMK Against GST:-
Navaneetha Krishnan  from AIADMK said,  “This constitutional amendment Bill is not valid. It violates the states’ fiscal autonomy. It will give permanent revenue loss to Tamil Nadu. We oppose it.”
Still to Wait for the Implementation:-

But we have to wait for an unpredictable time as the process has not yet been completed. It will go to the Loksabha .It needs supports of at least 50% states. Then the committee will submit recommendation report to the Government. Finance Minister Arun Jaitly has assured that falsehood will not be carried out in implementing the Bill. The Opposition will be allowed to say their words in the debate session.

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