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Modi at US Capitol / GST Amendment Bill Passed at Rajyasabha

Steps Taken by the Election Commission of India for 2016 General Assembly Election in Tamil Nadu

Naseem Zaidi
The Chief Election Commissioner of India
Strict Decision of the Commission:-
The ECI has formed flying squads, static surveillance teams, video surveillance teams etc. It has involved other agencies like Investigation Directorates of Income Tax Department, Customs.  The Election Commission has asked State Excise Departments and Police authorities to monitor production, distribution, sale and storage of liquor and other intoxicants during the poll.
Flying squads                                          
Static Surveillance Teams

Seizures List by the Election Commission in Tamil Nadu:-
The Income Tax Investigation Wing in Tamil Nadu has resulted in a seizure of 5.2 crore cash approximately as on 22nd April in and around Chennai. The Wing has also recovered 4.77 crore from Karur district. Dhotis and sarees over 1 crore rupees were also recovered.   The flying squad has seized 1.35 crore from two interstate passengers in Coimbatore South Assembly Constituency on 22nd April. Various expenditure monitoring teams seized 35.66 crore since the announcement of the election in Tamil Nadu. The Commission has directed all enforcement agencies to take heavy steps against the offenders who would try to induce voters by bribing.
Value Seized
The Income Tax Investigation Wing
22nd April
5.2 Crore
The Income Tax Investigation Wing
22nd April
4.77 Crore
Flying Squad
22nd April
Coimbatore South
1.35 Crore
Various expenditure monitoring teams
since the announcement of the election
Tamil Nadu
35.66 Crore

Jayalalitha and Karunanidhi Showcaused:- 

The Election Commission sent showcause notices to AIADMK chief Jaylalitha and DMK chief Karunanidhi for vitiating the purity of the election. It had been complained that both the AIADMK and the DMK violated the guidelines in their manifestoes by giving some election promises. The Commission sought reply by Sunday.
Why has ECI showcaused Jayalalitha and Karunanidhi?
The Commission has sent showcauses notices to Jayalalitha and Karunanidhi for both the parties (AIADMK and DMK) violated the guidelines instructed.

Aravakurichi Constituency:-
The Commission has banned election in Aravakurichi constituency from 16th May to 23rd May. The Commission found malpractices and bribing voters in this constituency. The Chief Commissioner Naseem Zaidi and fellow commissioners AK Joti and O P Rawat has signed an order using power on the base of Article 324 of the Constitution cancelling the poll of Aravakurichi constituency on 16th May. The Commission said that the election in Aravakurichi will be taken on 23rd May.  It has also said that the the Commission will publish the result on 25th May. FIRs have been lodged. Income Tax raids in the residences of  various political leaders prove that they have distributed unaccounted money and gifts to the voters.
Aravakurichi Poll on 16th May Cancelled.
Reosons for cancelling is malpractice and bribing voters
Poll will take place on 23rd May
Result will be published on 25th May

570 Crore Seized is Claimed by the SBI:-

The officials crocked 570 crores in Tirapur check post. Three trucks bearing 570 crores rupees were going to Visakhapatnam from Coimbatore.  Three cars were escorting these trucks. The police did not wear uniforms. They did not stop the cars. Later being chased and held at Chengapalli , they said that they had thought the ECI officials as thieves. They failed to show necessary documents to the officials of the Commission. Of late, the State Bank of India stated that the 570 rupees belongs to SBI. Finally the confusion is over.

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