Mexico will support India's demand of NSG Membership

Modi at US Capitol / GST Amendment Bill Passed at Rajyasabha

Bhanwar Lal, CEO of Telangana

Life of Bhanwar Lal:-
25th October, 1957
Home State
M.A. in Education from University of Rajasthan, MBA from Birmingham University in UK
IAS from
Andhra Pradesh Cadre, 1983
Acted as
1.       Sub-Collector at Kandukur,
2.       District Collector of Karimanagar in Hyderabad,
3.       Managing Director of Andhra Pradesh State Non Resident Indian Investment Corporation,
4.       Project Coordinator of Central Silk Board,
5.       Commissioner of Civil Supplies
6.       Principal Home Seretary

Principal Home Secretary, Bhanwar Lal surpassed M.G. Gopal, secretary A.P. Public Service Commission, and S.P. Tucker, Principal Secretary, Irrigation to become the state chief electoral officer in Telangana. The Commission has selected Bhanwar Lal as the CEO of Telangana as Subha Rao has gone to the central services. Bhanwar Lal was born on 25th October in 1957 in Rajasthan. He did his masters in Economics from the University of Rajasthan. Then he went to the UK to complete MBA from Birmingham University. He was an IAS from Andhra Pradesh cadre. He served as a sub-collector at Kandukur. Then he became District Collector of Karimnagar in Hyderabad. He was Managing Director of Andhra Pradesh State NonResident Indian Investment Corporation. He became the project coordinator of central silk board. He served as commissioner of Civil Supplies. Then he became Principal Home Secretary.

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