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Sonia Gandhi:-
Sonia Gandhi

Attack against Oppositions:-
Congress All India President Sonia Gandhi started her campaign attacking Modi with an allegation that the Centre has been trying to lessen the strength of secularism and democracy. She also objected that Modi is trying to neglect the poor section of the society. She not only criticised BJP but also CPIM led Left Democratic Front for involvement in violence in politics. She complained that Modi government is being controlled by RSS and BJP. She exemplified Uttarakhand and Arunachal Pradesh. Reducing funds in drought-hit areas for helping the farmers, MGNREGA launched by the UPA government had in the discussion for minutes.
According to Gandhi, Modi seems to be fruitless in his promises. Modi cannot create jobs which he had promised; the fuel price is increasing daily. So he is not keeping his promises to bring down fuel price. On the contrary, he is levying the poor people. He is cutting the rate of interest in provident fund of the middle class.
Emotional Sonia said that she is not ashamed of her birth to honest parents. She stressed that though she has relatives in Italy, it is India where her beloved’s blood was shed. She wished to breathe her last in India.

Issues raised By Sonia Gandhi:-
1.    BJP’s Effort to Decimate Secularism and Democracy
2.    BJP’s Negligence for the Poor and the Middle Classes
3.    Unemployment
4.    Reduction of Funds in Drought-hit Areas for Farmers
5.    Increasing fuel Price
6.    Violence made by LDF
7.    Italian Identity

Government’s Report Card(Sonia Gandhi):-
Sonia said Oommen Chandy government is now eyeing to ban drinking wine that can do a lot of positive things, especially for the children and the women. The UDF has succeeded to launch projects like Kannur airport, Kochi metro, highway development. To sustain peace and progress, she asked the audience, UDF should be voted up.

She offered her condolences to those families who had lost their relatives in the firework accident at Kollam. She also referred her condolence to Jisha’s mother and demanded a strong and quick legal action against the criminal.

1.    Banning Wine
2.    Kannur Airport, Kochi Metro, Highway Development
3.    Condolences for Kollam Firework Accident and Brutal Death of Jisha

AK Antony:-
AK Antony

Former Defence Minister and senior Congress leader AK Antony said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi should tender apology before Sonia Gandhi for his false allegation against her on Westland Augusta scam. "Modi is a better actor than Amitabh Bachchan," he said.
According to him, VS Achuthanandan is the star for the LDF, the UDF has three stars-Oommen Chandy, Ramesh Chennithala, and V M Sudheeran.
There are constituencies like Kuttanad, Manjeswaram, and Kasargod in which the fight is between UDF and NDA.
Question and Answer:-
1.    Why should Narendra Modi tender apology to Sonia?                                       Answer:- He should tender apology for his allegedly false allegation in Westland Augusta case.
2.    Who is the star campaigner of LDF?                                                                   Answer:-VS Achuthanandan is the star campaigner of LDF.

            Death Threat:-
Indian National Congress all India vice president Rahul Gandhi received a death threat at the residence of V Narayanasamy, former union minister, when he was addressing the rally at Karaikal on Tuesday.

Diverse Issues in Kerala:-

Gadgil report Vs Kasturirangan Report:-
The move to implement the Gadgil committee report in 47 villages invited the anger of the residents.The church and political parties faced a series of protests. Then the Gadgil committee report was replaced by Kasturirangan report.Livelihood and land prices issues were not duly addressed.

Difference between Gadgill and Kasturirangan Committees

People from districts like Kottayam and Ernakulam thought that Idukki would become a forest  land. Farmers cannot cultivate here.

A state government report has put the number of people without title deeds over 1,18,000 in Vathikudy, Konnathady, Rajakkad, Kanjikuzhi, Vazhathope, Kanjiyar and Erattayar panchayats. The persons who received title deeds last year have grieved for 16 conditions over the deeds. Kerala Catholic Bishops Council's pastoral letter - read in all churches of Idukki - has criticized the government's stand on pattayam, Kasturirangan report, and land issues.
Places covered
Without Pattayam
Vathikudy, Konnathady, Rajakkad, Kanjikuzhi, Vazhathope, Kanjiyar and Erattayar
*Full Name of KeCBC- Kerala Catholic Bishops Council


Complaint against Antony for Violation of Code of Conduct:-
BJP Kerala unit president Kummanam Rajasekharan said  that the former Defence minister Antony had made illegal words against BJP. Antony had made allegations that BJP's and the Centre's main agenda "was to create the communal divide and communal polarisation among the people." According to Kummanam, this is a false and baseless allegation against the BJP.
Kummanam Rajsekharan

1.    Who is the Kerala unit President of BJP?
Kummanam Rajasekharan is the unit president of BJP in Kerala.

2.    Why has he filed complained against AK Antony?
He has filed complained in EC for Antonyis false allegation that the main agenda of BJP is to create the communal divide and communal polarization among people.

Palakkad and BJP:-
Palakkad District

The campaign by Narendra Modi in Palakkad on 6th May shows the desperation of Bharatiya Janata Party to open an account in Kerala in this general assembly election to send BJP legislators in the assembly. Here in Palakkad BJP is reigning a municipality on its own. But the contest  seems to be hard here as the rivals have nominated heavyweights . MLA and UDF  Shafi Parambil, LDF three-time former MP N.N. Krishnadas have a grassroots level connections to the people of Palakkad. Though, NDA candidate Sobha Surendran  does not lag behind in this term.

Narendra Modi compared the state with Somalia in terms of infant deaths. The remark made in Thirubananthapur at a campaign stage for 2016 general assembly election caused a tremendous debate in Kerala. Oommen Chandy asked Modi to withdraw his comment. It has caused a storm in twitter.

Thrissur Assembly 50-50 for All:-
Padmaja Venugopal (Congress), V S Sunilkumar (CPI) and B Gopalakrishnan (BJP) are three contestants who will engage in a tough triangular fight from Thrissur assembly. Therambil Ramakrishnan, the 25 years MLA, has been replaced. Sunil Kumar, the two-term MLA from Kaipamangalam, is contesting from this seat. The continuous rising of votes from 8000 in assembly election to 14000 in the Loksabha, and 14000 to 25000 in the last local body election has raised hope for the BJP contestant B Gopalakrishnan.

Candidate’s Name
Party Affiliation
Padmaja Venugopal
V S Sunilkumar
B Gopalakrishnan

Panniyan Raveendran
Pannyan Raveendran

Thrissur/Malappuram: CPI leader Panniyan Raveendran on Monday said the LDF was sure about winning 86 seats. SNDP Yogam leader Vellappally Nateshan has aligned with the BJP. Ezhava community has seen their progress due to the reservation system.So, SNDPY that represents Ezhava community, must not tie up with BJP that is against reservation.
He criticized him for his comment against ES Bijimol.The seat, on which once Kumaranasan sat, is now occupied by Nateshan. This is not decent. Nateshan is saying all just because BJP is offering his copter to roam about.

Panniyan Raveendran belongs to
Vellappally Nateshan belongs to
Raveendran said Ezhava community progressed for

Benoy Viswam
National executive committee member Benoy Viswam from CPI said that BJP cannot open an account in Kerala due to LDF.He hoped that minorities will support LDF as it has the ability to defend the influence of Sangh Parivar organizations.

Muhammad Yusuf Tarigami

CPM national committee member Muhammad Yusuf Tarigami said BJP is approaching a destination where they have no place to sport with communal divisions. He is spending his more times in the Muslim-dominated areas such as Kattangal, Chaliyam, and Puthiyakadavu to 'expose the designs of the BJP' . BJP is campaigning against 'ghar wapsi' and 'love jihad' instead of the draught, unemployment, and farmers' suicides. They were against the idea of a nation based on religion or language. So, they did not hear the call of Muhammad Ali Jinnah. They remain in India.
Name of the Leader
Areas for Campaigns
Muhammad Yusuf Tarigami
Kattangal, Chaliyam, and Puthiyakadavu
'expose the designs of the BJP'

The Commission and the High Court:-
On May 16, Kerala State Commission for Protection of Child Rights (KeSCPCR) has directed the Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) and District Collector to exempt lactating mothers from election duty.
The Kerala High Court forbade the Election Commission to deliver photo voter slip on the poll day. It said the distribution should be completed five days ago. The Commission should order the booth level officers not to keep PVS if undelivered. These should be handed over to the returning officers.
The polling station at SNV Upper Primary School at Mundukottackal in Pathanamthitta municipality is situated in a high location 48 walk from the ground. Saji K Samon, a voter, filed a petition to permit some carriers like palanquin or dollies for the aged and disabled voters to reach there. After considering the petition, Justice Anil K Narendran allowed the use of dolly and palanquin service.

Three Orders Issued by High Court to Election Commission:-
1.    Exemption of Lactating Mothers in Election Duty
2.    Issuing PVSs Forbidden on the Election Day

3.    Palanquins and Dollies  Allowed  

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