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Abdur Rezzak Mollah

Rezzak Mollah Joining Trinamool Congress

Early Life:-
An undefeatable politician since 1977, Abdur Rezzak Mollah, is famous for his debatable comments in state politics of West Bengal. He was born on 26th November in 1942 in the district of South 24 Parganas . He studied at Bodra High School (HS) at Bhangar. He completed his graduation from Maharaja Manindra Chandra College. His father is Karim Bukhs Molla who was a farmer by profession.

Political Career:-
Rezzak Mollah was elected MLA from Canning Purba since 1977. He was minister of Land and Land Reforms in the former Left Government. Later, he was given the charges of Sundarban Affairs and Food Processing & Horticulture Dept. Govt. of West Bengal. Rezzak was expelled from CPIM by West Bengal State Committee on 26th February in 2014 for his anti-party activities.
After his expel on 18th October in 2014 from CPIM, he formed Bharatiya Naybichar Party (BNP) as a platform for Muslim, Dalits, and other backward communities. BNP expelled him from his own party as he was seen establishing relationship toward Mamata Banerjee and  her TMC party. He joined ruling Trinamool Congress in the month of January in 2016 .In this election, Trinamool Congress has nominated him from Bhangar Assembly Constituency.

Rezzak against Buddha and Nirupam:-
He is popularly known as a grass-root leader who was famous for his anti-Buddha stand over an industry policy for Singur. His remarks have been troubling state politicians. He was an antagonist of Buddhadeb Bhattacharyya. He was against Nirupam Sen over industry policy. He was against the decision of land acquisition of Singur for making industry. He was against the decision of land acquisition by force. He announced himself ‘ chasar byata’ (son of farmer) after his victory in 2011 assembly election in which the left faced a landslide defeat after an uninterrupted 34 year reign. Even Buddhadeb Bhattacharyya, the Chief Minister of West Bengal, lost.
Rezzak Mollah

Unchangeable Rezzak:-
In this election, he threatened voters indirectly at a meeting at Bhangar constituency. He said that the opposition supporters might vote under the protection of central force, but how would they have a peaceful sleep after their departure.  He was show-caused by Election Commission of India as a result of a complaint lodged by the oppositions against such threatening speech.

ABP Ananda, a renowned news channel in West Bengal, released a video. Rezzak doesn’t consider Deb ,a gentleman. Deb is a renowned Bollywood actor as well as a Trinamool MP. Rezzak says that Munmun Sen is unfit for the post of an MP.  Munmun Sen is a famous Bengali actress who is an MP from Bankura too. According to him, a woman like Munmun Sen is a worthless fellow in politics. He made an insulting remark against Rupa Ganguly( who is a BJP Co-President as well as a famous Bollywood actress  whom Rezzak considered as a Draupadi ( a woman having five husbands). It is remarkable that Rupa Ganguly played the role of Draupadi in Dayanand Sagar’s Mahabharata brilliantly. 

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