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Will Mali Attack Unite the World to Fight against Terrorism?

                             Members of special forces inside the Radisson Blu hotel 

After Paris, the terrorists attacked  the Radisson Blu hotel in Bamako, Mali of Africa, where gunmen took 170 people hostage on Friday morning. According to a millitary official at arround 6 a.m. , at least four gunmen carjacked a diplomatic SUV approaching the hotel. The driver was left, a security guard was shot and broke into the hotel.20 French soldiers and more than 100 U.N. peacekeepers and Malian troops surrounded the hotel by 11 a.m.. The roads were blocked by tanks and armored cars. A French fighter jet screeched overhead to break the eerie silence of a tense standoff. Malian security forces, backed by French troops and U.S. special forces surrounded the hotel. “With the means we have in the area, we will do what is possible to obtain the freedom of the hostages.Once again, terrorists want to mark with their barbaric presence all places where they can kill or massacre.”,France  President François Hollande said. A local Islamist extremist militant group, Al Mourabitoun, conferred that it had carried out the siege in conjunction with Al Qaeda’s regional affiliate. This was claimed in a recording obtained by Al Jazeera TV.

One of Belgium’s  top policy advisers, Geoffrey Dieudonné, died in the attack .The Belgian foreign ministry had told four Belgians were among the hostages. According to Turkish Airlines ,six of its crew members at the hotel have been freed. One was still inside. Air France said that a team of two pilots and 10 crew were without harm. Vikas Swarup,a spokesman for India’s foreign ministry,  said  20 Indians were staying at the hotel. Official broadcaster China Central Television said on its verified Weibo social-media account  that 10 Chinese are trapped in the hotel.Germany’s Foreign Ministry said that two Germans were among the hostages .An American Defense official said that 12 to 15 Americans were believed to be at the hotel .Official broadcaster China Central Television said on its verified Weibo social-media account that about 10 Chinese nationals are trapped in the hotel.
Thus the Mali force along with French special force and American troops tried their hardest to save the hostages and fight against the terrorists.
Thus the people of many a country were seen to have been seized by inhumane terrorists.Now will the world be united to raise a highest voice against terrorism and fight unanimously against it? The assistance of both the US and France is praiseworthy in this case. Now the world should make an unanimous voice against terrorism and move the chariot of human civilization fast forward. G20 has already declared its voice against terrorism. US, France, Russia, UK, India, Turkey, Australia etc has stated their stand against terrorism straight. UN should made a clear verdict against terrorism. There is no good terrorism or bad terrorism. Terrorism is terrorism. What needs the world today is a strong union of all the countries against terrorism. 

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