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Why BJP Lost in Bihar?

Mohan Bhagbat :- In the midst of this election, the chief of RSS Mohan Bhagbat said that the Government should consider the issue of reservation. It was a strong arms for the grand alliance which campaigned that if NDA came in power, it would be a dangerous signal for the Dalit and the Mahadalit. Lalu Prasad intellectually campaigned that this election was a battle between Mandal and Kamandal.

PM Modi on DNA :- The comment , ‘sayed unki DNA mei hi koi garbar hain’( may there be wrongness in his DNA) about Nitish Kumar was intellectually twisted by Nitish Kumar who made this comment as a general insult of the inhabitants of Bihar. Besides this comment was not taken by the Biharis who had seen Nitish Kumar and his reign and found no guilty.

Popularity of Nitish Kumar :- Nitish Kumar had been ruling the state for 10 years . The reign of 10 years saw a brilliant government in Bihar. Bihar saw the development in roads, electricity and education. The villages far away in Seemanchal or in Mithilanchal are documents to prove this fact. Nitish Kumar  was a popular chief minister of Bihar for his brilliant works around ten years.
Amit Shah:- ‘ If BJP loses in Bihar, fireworks will be burst in Pakistan.’ This comment was not taken by the people of Bihar. The Grand Alliance made this comment against NDA . They tried to make them understand that Ami Shah insulted the people of Bihar calling them Pakistani.

Lalu Prasad Returned :-  Lalu Prasad Yadav who had been out of station in Bihar government for 10 years , has returned in this election kingly. RJD or Rashtriya Janata Dal has got 80 seats in this election. Lalu Prasad Yadav has played brilliantly in this election. He twisted BJP’s all agenda. He continually campaigned against BJP and Modi. He is a protagonist against BJP and its chief commander Modi. Thus the Muslim and the Yadav believe in him. The Yadav and the Muslim votes is his basement.

Grand Alliance :- It was a tough battle for BJP. All the oppositions were united to fight against NDA or National Democratic Alliance.The most important factor of this election to defeat  NDA(National Democratic Alliance) led by BJP( Bharatiya Janata Party) is that two rival parties, RJD ( Rashtriya Janata Dal) and JDU ( Janata Dal United) were united. These parties believed that the enemy of enemy is friend. This election saw the reality of this proverb. Dalit and Maha Dalit were the supporters of JDU( Janata Dal United) . Yadav and Muslim were the supoorters of RJD( Rashtriya Janata Dal) . The higher cases were the supporters of Indian National Congress. Thus all sections of people were under the grand alliance affected. RJD got eighty seats. JDU got 71 seats. And Indian National Congress obtained 27 seats.

Dadri Canto:- The Dadri Canto added ghee on fire in the Bihar election for which the Muslim votes drew back from BJP and turned to Lalu Prasad who belonged to RJD. Thus the Muslim votes went into the boxes of Mahagathbandhan or Grand Alliance.

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