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Modi at US Capitol / GST Amendment Bill Passed at Rajyasabha

Speech at Wembley Stadium and the Investment from Britain

Speech at Wembley Stadium:-
David Cameron, the British counterpart of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi made Modi believed in front of 60000 people  in the Wembley stadium that they want to be with Narendra Modi in his big future plans. He asserted that some people said a chaiwala(tea seller) could not govern a country but Modi has proved them wrong.
Modi started his speech saying that twelve years back he came London as the Chief Minister of Gujarat but he is present there at Wembley before the audience having a new responsibility. He is the prime minister of India. India is a young country having 65 % people less than 35 years. He stressed on the Sufi tradition in Islam. He says if Muslim brothers have taken Sufi as their belief, some ruffians who are debasing Islam religion, will not hold gun in their hands. He says India is itself a self sufficient country. It does not need favours from other countries. It wants equality as a nation. India is now ready for change. Overseas citizenship of India- PIO merger scheme has been simplified. A plan from London to Ahmadabad is going to launch. He mentioned the name of Imran Khan who has created approximately 50 educational android apps to deliver freely to the students. This is India. He says.
Trade between England and India:-
UK is the gateway to European Union. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said when he arrived in London on the very first day of his visit to UK for a three day tour. After US president Barack Obama and Chinese president , Indian prime minister is the third to opine on UK’s standpoint about EU.

British Trade Minister Francis Maude said on Thursday during Indian prime minister’s visit to England that UK signed six deals including a 1.3 billion pound investment by Vodafone. The investment by Vodafone covered network expansion and upgrades, new technology, data centres. Maude said deals had also been done with Light source, a solar voltaic energy generator, Intelligent Energy on clean energy and King's College Hospital. Indian PM earlier  had a meeting with the UK based businessmen when he kept his speech and confirmed the investors that India had developed its infrastructure to make it business-friendly. He explained why India is the best place to invest. It has infrastructure , young workers( 65% of its population is under the age of 35) etc.

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