Mexico will support India's demand of NSG Membership

Modi at US Capitol / GST Amendment Bill Passed at Rajyasabha

France Terror Attack

                               The audience after hearing the explosion sound at  Stade De France

The capital of France saw a global inhumane attack. Terrorists attacked restaurants, a concert hall and a sports stadium across Paris on Friday Reuters wrote the attack killed at least 120.  At least 112 people were killed mercilessly at the Bataclan concert hall.According to Julien Pearce , the terrorists attacked for ten to fifteen minutes. Two men in black dress were gossiping about Iraq and Syria. At least 14 people were shot dead at Le  Petit Cambodge, a Cambodian restaurant. A friendly soccer match was being seen by abou 80 thousand audience when the people heard explosion. The match was been played in Stade De France and France won by two goals. President Francois Hollande declared that borders are locked, emergency has been ordered. People of France are said to have in houses. They are said not to go outside. 

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