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Bollywood Against Amir Khan's #Intolerance Quote


Ram Gopal Verma( A renowned film director):-

 "Isn't Aamir,Sharuk,Salman,3 Muslims becoming biggest stars of a Hindu country proof enough that india is tolerant?
If Aamir,Sharuk and Salman the three biggest stars of the Hindu country "India" are Muslims, I don't understand where intolerance is ? In a predominantly Hindu country,if 3 Muslims can become the biggest iconic super stars that itself proves the majority aren't intolerant. Isolated incidents cant be taken as sign of intolerance and the super stardom of 3 Muslims is proof enough of the vast majority's tolerance. It's the celebs need for creating drawing room debates to increase their popularity which flares up non existent negativity btwn communities. If u are really feeling like a family and there's a problem in the family,family members in public wont say theres intolerance in the family. The fact is that the vast majority connect only to individuals deeds and generalised hard feelings are nothing but juvenile noises.”

Paresh Rawal(A famous bollywood actor):-

“Aamir is a fighter so he should not leave but change the situation in the country ! jeena 
yahan marna yahan ! A true patriot will not run away n leave his motherland behind in turmoil or in troubled times (if any )...don't escape - build it .. If I believe this is my motherland then I will never talk about 
leaving it ....but I would if I had believed otherwise ... Intolerance !PK did rattle the belief of Hindus but Aamir dint face the wrath of Hindu or THE MAJORITY n but was super hit n made crores !”

Raveena Tandon

Raveena Tandon(A Renowned bollywood actress):-

“Wonder why they didn't feel fear when bombs ripped the heart of Mumbai.. Or our security was breached #26/11-gosh!no point same argument. Fringe elements were always there,1can always say thats condemnable, action needs to be taken against them, but to spread paranoia? not done. Guess all those who did not want pm Modi to become PM, want 2 bring this govt down..Sadly becoz of politics, they are shaming country ..”

                                                                        Anupam Kher

 Anupam Kher(A renowned bollywood actor):-

“Dear @aamir_khan. Did you ask Kiran which country would she like to move out to? Did you tell her that this country has made you AAMIR KHAN. When did ‘Incredible India’ become ‘Intolerant India’ for you? Only in the last 7-8 months? Presumed country has become #Intolerant. Wat do u suggest 2 millions of Indians? Leave India? Or wait till regime changes? Dear @aamir_khan. #SatyamevaJayate u talked about evil practices but gave Hope. So even in ‘Intolerant’ times u need 2 spread Hope not Fear.”

Rishi Kapur(A famous bollywood actor):-

"Mr.&Mrs. Amir Khan. When things are going wrong and the system needs correction,repair it,mend it.Don't run away from it. That is Heroism!"

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