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AKP Overshadowed All other Parties in Turkey Election

Prime Minister = Ahmet Davutoglu
President = Recep Tayyip Erdogan
Election Held = On 1 November 2015
Parties Participated:-
AKP = Justice and Development Party
CHP = The center-left Republican People’s Party
HDP= pro-Kurdish, leftist Democratic Party
MHP = Nationalist Movement Party
78 million total population --
54 million registered voters --
86.1% voted –
Votes Counted = 95%
AKP = 49.5%
CHP = 25.2%
MHP = 12%
AKP = 316
CHP= 134
HDP = 56
Nationalist Movement Party = 41
More than 276 seats are needed to make a single part rule.
330 seats are needed to make constitutional changes to referendum.

316 of the 550-seat parliament is claimed by AKP --followed by CHP with 134 seats, HDP with 59 seats and MHP with 41 seats. Parties need to secure 276 seats to govern the country alone-

“In June, the AKP failed to get enough votes to form a government and coalition attempts failed to seat a Cabinet. That vote struck a stunning blow to more than 12 years of dominance in parliament by the AKP, founded by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan” - CNN

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