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2015 Antalya G20 Has Become an Association against Terrorism

Cem Oksuz-EPA

Countries of G20 United to Uproot Terrorism

Generally the focus of G20 is economic issues. But this G20 Summit on the Aegean Sea Coast in Turkey, is more important for uprooting terrorism specially in the name of ISIS. It is also expected to be discussed about refugee crisis. Turkey is the host country of 2015 G20 Summit. It is noteworthy to say that Turkey is the neighbour of Syria in where ISIS or ISIL has made their presence.  ISIL declared its involvement in the inhumane terror attacks in Beirut of Lebanon and Paris of France . 129 people were killed and 350 people were seriously injured in the terror attack in France. 99 people of the injured 350 are in serious condition. The bombing in Beirut killed at least 43 people. Thus the whole world seems to be united in the G20 . Paris attack has made the world united to fight against terrorism. Distance between Russia and US becomes lesser. Obama and Putin has met and discussed how to handle the ISIS.  Theguardian writes “Obama and Putin agreed the United Nations would mediate negotiations between the Syrian opposition and the regime after a ceasefire.”Obama has already stated their support for Paris. The president of host country Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan has urged the world leaders to make the battle against ISIL as their chief agenda. A minute’s silence in the opening G20 session was done in the honour of the 129 victims in the Paris attack and of the 102 people who died in Ankara in October. Australian Prime Minister Turnbull has affirmed , “ We are utterly shoulder to shoulder with you in the fight against terrorism.” The French foreign minister , Laurent Fabius is standing in at the 2015 G20 for French president Francois Hollande.  As per media news, property of terrorist groups will be seized. Action will be taken against terrorists host countries.  There is unity in diversity. They are unted to uproot terrorism. France as well as America has strengthened attack in Syria. 

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