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Reforming Indian Union after 1950

 1953( Andhra Pradesh) :-  The state of Andhra  was formed consisting of some regions from the state of Madras or Chennai, Telugu speaking Hyderabad  in 1953 by the Andhra State Act. It was named Andhra Pradesh in 1956 by the State Reorganization Act, 1956.

1956( Kerala ) :- Travancore- Cochin of Division B along with some parts of Madras by the States Reorganization Act of 1956 in the Constitution became Kerala.

1956( Mysore) :- The state of Mysore was formed from the state Mysore consisting of Kodagu and Kannada speaking adjoining areas of from the states of Madras, Hyderabad and Bombay under States Reorganization Act (1956 ).

1960( Gujarat ) :- The state of Bombay was divided into two parts- Maharashtra and Gujarat in 1960 by the Bombay Reorganization Act, 1960.

1962 ( Nagaland ) :- The hilly Naga region with the Tuensang region were removed from Assam to form the state of Nagaland in 1962 under the State of Nagaland Act, 1962.

1966 ( Haryana ) :- The state of Haryana was formed out of a part of the state of Punjab under the Punjab Reorganization Act, 1966.

1969( Meghalaya) :-  According to the inclusions no 241th and 371st A of the 22nd Amendment in the Constitution, Meghalaya was a sovereign state within the state of Assam .

1970 ( Himachal Pradesh) :- Himachal Pradesh had been a union territory before 1970. It was demanding for getting the status of a state. In 1970, Himachal Pradesh attained the decree of a state on 25th January by the State of Himachal Pradesh Act. The Act was passed on 18th December in 1970.

1971( Meghalaya) :- Meghalaya was attributed the status of a state in 1971 under the Eastern Reorganization Act. 

1971( Manipur and Tripura) :- In 1971, these two north-east  union territories were declared as the states under the North-Eastern Areas Reorganization Act .

1973 ( Karnataka ) :- The state of Mysore  was named Karnataka in 1973.

1974/1975(Sikkim) :- The sheltered Sikkim had become an associate state by the 35th constitutional Amendment in 1974. In the next year, ie 1975 , it was given the status of a state by the 36th Amendment in 1975.

1986( Mizoram) :- Mizoram was a union territory before 1986. In 1986, it attained the status of a state by the State of Mizoram Act.

1986( Arunachal Pradesh) :- Arunachal Pradesh was a union territory before 1986. It became a state in 1986 by the State of Arunachal Pradesh Act, 1986.

1987 ( Goa) :-  According to Goa-Daman & Diu Reorganization Act, Daman and Diu were separated from the three to make Goa a full state on 30th May in 1987. The Daman & Diu remains union territory.

2000( Chhattisgarh) :- The state of Chhattisgarh was formed out of the state of Madhya Pradesh on November in 2000 by the Madhya Pradesh Reorganization Act. Sixteen districts of Madhya Pradesh were included in the state of Chhattisgarh. Raipur is its capital city.

2000( Uttaranchal) :-  The state of Uttaranchal was formed out of Uttar Pradesh in 2000 by the Uttar Pradesh Reorganization Bill,2000. Thirteen districts were included in the state of Uttaranchal. Dehradun is its capital.

2000( Jharkhand) :- The state of Jharkhand was formed out of Bihar by the Bihar Reorganization Bill , 2000. Eighteen districts of Bihar were included in the state of Jharkhand. Ranchi is its capital.

2006( Uttarakhand) :- According to Uttaranchal Reorganization Act, the name of Uttaranchal was changed into Uttarakhand in 2006.

2014( Telengana):- The latest state Telengana was formed out of north-western part of Andhra Pradesh in 2014.

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