Mexico will support India's demand of NSG Membership

Modi at US Capitol / GST Amendment Bill Passed at Rajyasabha

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi at Facebook Headquarter in California

Facebook and Modi

Mark Zuckerberg had declared the visit of Indian Prime Minister at Facebook headquarter earlier in September and asked users to post questions for Modi. More than 37,000 comments had been posted as reply. But Indian smart Prime Minister Modi was warmly welcomed and then questioned at the townhall at the Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park, near San Francisco in California by the inventor and CEO Mark Zuckerberg with a few questions in such short time before an audience over 1000. Zuckerberg said that he was impressed by Modi for his star-hood in social media.

Make in India

‘Make in India’ is a project projected by the PM of India .It was asked if it would be a success. He compared the project with the turning of a train. He said that turning a scooter is easy but turning a train is difficult, not impossible.180 million bank accounts have been opened within 100 days. He said India has the fastest growing economy now. Indian Prime Minister said, “My dream is to become a 20-trillion-dollar economy. India at this point needs both physical and digital infrastructure,”.

"What is the secret to make in India?"  
The availability of low cost manufacturing, skill, man power, raw materials is the secret to make in India. India is a paradise for the investors. 3Ds as demographic dividend, democracy and demand will make ‘make in India’ a grand success. He also refers to fourth D - Deregulation. 

Using Social media 

Zuckerberg asked if Modi knew the potential of social media when he started using it. Modi said he had not thought of becoming the Indian Prime Minister when he had started to use social media. Out of curiosity he took. Modi had not fortune to have gained much knowledge and education. But his demand has been compensated by social media.
A strong bond is created with social media. The comment of Modi is being voted to establish if he is right or wrong. Social media helps you rectify yourself. Social media is a strength of a democracy. Instant updated news is being larked. We can know of an instant event out of the world. Government’s alertness is what can make it to take corrective measures with the help of such information

Digital Infrastructure, Jobs, Investment 

We need both highways and i-ways in India. 6 lakh villages in India will be connected via fibre optic cables. People need infrastructure. You will get such places in recent future. There is enough money in the world. We invite all kind of investment there.

Modi about His Mother

Indian PM thanked parents of Zuckerberg at first for their son and his work. Modi became emotional when he was asked about his mother. He said that he came from a poor family and he never thought of becoming a Prime Minister in the world’s largest democracy. A tea-seller has become a Prime Minister! Unbelievable he thought. He thanked the country for such reception. His father is no more. His mother is 90 years old. She works herself for her. She is not educated. But she has eyes on television to watch events. His mother, in their childhood, used to go to neighbours to clean the dishes and fill water only to earn livelihood. Thus one can imagine the struggle of a mother. He saluted such mothers. 

Role of women in India's growth

Modi clear out his notion about women empowerment. He said that there are so many cultures, civilizations and religions, but no religion is there except Indian where one can find female goddess. There are Durga, Kali, Amba(Saraswati) as female goddesses in Indian societies.
He warned that if we block 50% that is women , no progress can be found. They must be the decision making persons.To achieve economic goal, women must walk shoulder to shoulder with men. ‘ Beti bachao beti parao’ programme has been told as a government initiative for spreading the education for the women.
A large number of women will be found in health sector. Reservation for the women has been guaranteed by some territories in police department.                                                                        


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