Mexico will support India's demand of NSG Membership

Modi at US Capitol / GST Amendment Bill Passed at Rajyasabha

Indian Prime Minister in United States,2015

Modi Enjoying the Welcome at Silicon Valley
Prime Minister Narendra Modi with the CEOs he met on dinner in New York on Friday                                                      
 Schedules of Modi

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi had been scheduled to attend and address some summits in New York. He had been scheduled to take dinner with CEOs of Fortune 500 companies to talk about investment opportunities in India.PM Modi had been fixed to anchor G4 summit before German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Japanese PM Shinzo Abe and Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff at the Waldorf Astoria hotel in New York. He had been scheduled to meet Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg at the Facebook headquarter in California. He had been preset to visit Google campus. Narendra Modi had been predetermined to meet Tesla Motors.He had been scheduled to deliver message for 'India-US Start-up Konnect', where Indian startups would show their products to an American gathering. In San Jose on Sunday, September 27, PM Modi had been preset to address and interact before the Indian community at the SAP Centre. The Prime Minister, Narendra Modi had been scheduled then to come back New York to meet US President Barack Obama.

Modi at UN

Agenda. Address of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi at United Nations:- Modi started his message at 10.40 p.m.The modern international leader Mahatma Gandhi had said of thinking of a world which we would not see. They were there to decide world’s new way. India has been trying to eradicate poverty. Peaceful world, just system and sustainable development are present responsibilities before all the global nations. The core thought of India is reflected in the SDG of United Nations. India is working for the poor. Over 18 lacs bank accounts have been opened. Profit will be given directly through these accounts. Pension services have been inaugurated in India for the poor unemployed. Government is working for the farmers. Making them less vulnerable against nature’s cruelties is one of the most important motto of India. According to him, if we think of climate change, it redirects towards the thought of own selfishness. He appealed to think of climate justice. Sustainable way to progress and prosperity is rooted in Indian culture. India considers the earth our mother. Indian culture considers the whole world as one family. The lifestyle should be changed to reduce energy dependency. He hoped that commitment of the developed countries will be fulfilled.

For Premiers of G4

Indian PM is welcomed by the Mayor along with officials

Indian Prime Minister with Tech-Giants

Indian PM with the CEO of Tesla

Meeting with Obama

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